A Selection of Photos

  • Sailboats in the fog in Pointe Claire.

  • The great egret takes flight.

  • One of my favourite activities.

  • The frozen water on the overturned water barrel.

  • You can see some of my favourite photos used on greeting cards here in my store: Audities' Cards.

  • Such delicate parachutes.

  • The mud on this dirt bike spells FUN!

  • Twinkle toes touch the grass.

  • Apparently, this is coral. The holes give it away. This was according to Jacob, the young tour guide at the Walker House.

  • This dragon fly rested on the Rose of Sharon for a good hour. He was very happy there.

  • PSNM in the afternoon sun.

  • Pointe Claire village's full moon, July 1st fireworks, and lightning from my balcony on Lanthier.

  • A tiny macro world on a log in the forest.

  • Gaspacho in a Kincardine restaurant. Delicious AND beautiful.

  • Palo Verde National Park, up on the ridge.

  • Real ploughing with real horses, with a surrealistic treatment.

  • March 19, 20011. The Man in the Moon is sending kisses.

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