I see things. No, not dead people. Actually, what I see are quirky, beautiful, old, stunning and interesting things that I want to capture in both my mind’s eye and in mega pixels. I can’t help myself. That’s why I have 40,000 photos hanging around in my Lightroom catalog.

Here you will find a variety of these photos, that I have taken over the years. They may be colourful or monotone; calming or chaotic; soothing or exciting. Some may even be confusing or disturbing. You will be the judge.

Indeed, some of these images will appeal to you and some will not. I realize that my eyes are often attracted to stimuli that others can easily ignore. But that’s okay: the way I look at it, photography, like many things in life, is a private conversation between the photographer and her camera. And we don’t all speak the same language.

This site is an attempt to share my captures with the world. Only because they make me almost as happy looking at them after the shot as they did when I first saw them. 

Please enjoy what speaks to you and leave the rest for the others. In any case, I will still be clicking away and posting what I can.

Thank you for your interest. Please enjoy.
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